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A couple of days ago, Sony officially released the PS4 Slim version in the US, before launching the PS4 Pro model this November. At the pre-TGS conference held by Sony, the company revealed that they will also release a Final Fantasy bundle for PS4 Slim. It’s great that you can pre-order the bundle now so that you’ll be sure you play it as soon as possible.

The complete name of the bundle is Final Fantasy PS4 Slim 1TB Final Fantasy XV Limited Edition Bundle and it costs $449.99. It also comes together with a limited edition console, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV for Blu-ray, a Masasune weapon, the Final Fantasy XV steelbook, a Royal Raiment outfit and a Platinum Leviathan, which is quite a lot if you think about it.

As you can see, this is not a regular bundle, since ths PS4 console has a special look designed precisely for the game and the result is amazing. It comes together with a special controller that has the XV logo on it too, so it’s definitely more than just a bundle.

Shortly after the announcement of the console at the pre-TGS conference, the company revealed that the bundle will be available exclusively at GameStop in the US. Thankfully, the store already made it available for preordering. This is a good thing because the bundle is described as a “limited edition”, so most likely there aren’t going to be many of them available. Moreover, if you remember, the collector’s edition of this particular game was sold out almost immediately after its release. If we were to judge from the number of fans this game has, this will most likely happen to this bundle too. On November 29, the game itself will be released, so stay tuned!