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Minecraft players on PC are still waiting for the upcoming 1.11 update which is promised to be a major update for the game; Mojang has confirmed that this update will be larger than 1.10 but it will still be a relatively small update compared to the previous major updates.

This major update is focused towards balancing current features in the game however, many Entity IDs in the game will be given new names which could be troublesome for some mods; new exhaustion rates will be coming into effect for a variety of gameplay mechanics including swimming and breaking blocks.

Some of the warnings that would previously appear in the chat will now hover above the hotbar instead; Mojang has confirmed that this includes messages related to sleeping and to beds. Another major change to the game is the modification made to fuel, more items will now burn in the furnance and act as fuel for smelting.

While update 1.11 will not add any new major content to the game, it’s making many adjustments and re-balancing enough current content to keep the game interesting.