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A recent trailer for Pokemon Go suggests that players will be able to capture the legendary Pokemon Mewtwo in New York City; the exact location in the trailer was Times Square but Niantic has still not officially revealed any locations for where players will be able to capture legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo.

Considering how many ‘Pokemon Go stampedes’ have occurred since the release of the game, it’s very likely that Niantic will place level limits on legendary Pokemon; any level limits would prevent low level players from being able to capture them. Niantic hasn’t commented yet on how they will deal with legendary Pokemon so it’s unknown if the developer will place level limits of capturing them.

Mewtwo is currently not in the game and all claims of players having a ‘real Mewtwo’ are false; Niantic removed all legendary Pokemon from the game some time ago and if it’s proven that there are real Mewtwo’s in the game then players should expect them to also be removed.