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Most players have come to terms with the fact that Valve may never release a new installment for the Half Life series but there are still some who are clinging to rumors in hope that a new game is on the way; according to these rumors, Valve is planning to release a new game in 2018.

Half Life turns 20 years old in 2018 which makes it the perfect time to release a new Half Life game or even a remastered version of the originals. Rumors about a new Half Life game began when Valve and HTC started working together for the HTC Vive; some new reports suggest that Half Life 3 will have virtual reality support.

New rumors about Half Life 3 suggest that the Kraken Base will be in the game and that it will play a major role in the story of the game; alongside this, underwater areas would be a big focus for the game and players would be able to use submarines to travel underwater.