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A few days ago, Google has released the Chrome browser version 53 for Mac, Linux and Windows. Well, it seems that now the big search engine company has finally released a new Google Chrome BETA version for Android OS.

The Google Chrome BETA version 54 can now be downloaded and installed on your Android device and it comes with new features such as background video and playback, a redesigned new tab page and many more.

Playing Video In The BackGround

The most significant new feature that the latest Google Chrome BETA version for Android comes with is the back video playback. In the previous Google Chrome versions for Android OS, the videos were paused once a new application is opened or after switching to the home screen. However, thanks to this new feature, you will be able to “resume” videos via a media notification. In other words, the audio from the video will still be heard while using other applications.

We remind you that this new feature is also functioning with mobile web and it will detect pages running in the background. The users will receive the same notification when playing videos on websites such as YouTube via mobile web. When it comes to audio streams, even when you will switch to the home screen or open another application, the tracks will continue playing without any problems.

Redesigned New Tab Page

The redesigned new tab pages no longer shows the Recent Tab or Bookmarks shortcuts. You will be able to access these two options by using a drop-down menu that’s found at the upper right of the User Interface.

HINT: Before installing the Google Chrome BETA version 54 we remind you that since the big search engine company is still testing this new version of the application, you might find errors or bugs which will most likely be fixed as soon as the new version passes the BETA phase.