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Lots of mobile and desktop devices have been dependent on Adobe Flash Player for handling a bunch of multimedia applications. However, lots of people also don’t know that there are certain issues of security that Adobe has pointed out. These are called critical vulnerabilities of the Flash Player that may provide intruders the access the computer of anyone.

This type of problem will affect Flash applications running on Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows operating systems. According to a well-known anti-virus software maker, this is referred to as the ‘Locky ransomware’. This type of vulnerability will hold the computer of a victim hostage in which the attacker will block off access to the system unless a specific amount of money has been wired over the Net.

For this reason, the company is suggesting that users should update their Flash Player the moment they accept a notification from Adobe itself. If your system has not been set up this way, you need to do it manually. Here is how it goes.

Firstly, you need to right-click on the Flash content that you have on your browser and choose ‘About Adobe Flash Player’ option. This will allow you to see which version of Flash you are currently using.

This might not work on some browsers as they are already using HTML5. But, if you are still using Flash, you should be able to accomplish this by navigating to the version information page of Adobe at This will inform you if your device has been running an outdated version of Adobe Flash Player.

According to Adobe, this has been actively exploited on several devices running Windows 10 and earlier that are running version or earlier of the Adobe Flash Player. This information has been credited to researchers who discovered the problem, but no reports have been leaked about the number of users affected by the ransomware.