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While the next update for the incredible RPG is still unknown, Bethesda has announced that the next patch for the PlayStation 4 will not be the mod patch that gamers have been hoping for. According to Bethesda, they are unable to bring mods to Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4 because of Sony.

The reports state that Sony wanted mods to operate in a certain way which Bethesda disagreed with; the developer wanted players to be able to use mods however they want. Due to this, Bethesda has decided to halt the process of bringing mods to the PS4. Xbox One gamers received the mods update some time ago and have had access to it for several months.

This is very frustrating for PS4 gamers but the new Nuka World DLC was recently released which will hopefully keep players entertained regardless of the modding situation. Nuka World is available on all platforms with Fallout 4 and adds a large new area to the game along with the ability to raid towns with a party of bandits.