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Catching rare Pokemon can be very difficult at low levels in the game so players should aim to level up as much as possible; higher trainer levels are more likely to find rare Pokemon so before even attempting any of these tips, it’s key to raise your trainer level.

The biggest method is using Ingress; Pokemon Go uses the same locations as the previous Niantic game and in Ingress, players need to collect XM around the world. Areas with lots of XM are more likely to spawn rarer Pokemon and will regularly spawn Pokemon for players to capture.

Away from this, players can also use the new Buddy system and egg hatching to their advantage. The Buddy system allows players to collect candy for a specific type of Pokemon which is perfect for evolving or powering up rare Pokemon. Hatching eggs can also provide rare Pokemon in accordance to that egss level.

Using the Nearby Pokemon tab isn’t very useful right now; the lack of a tracking system can making tracking Pokemon very frustrating.