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After EA announced an upcoming City Living pack for the Sims 4, several of the game’s fans have begun to speculate about a future Sims 5 game. There is no official information from EA – the company responsible for the Sims games – in this sense but fans are convinced that it’s about time for a new installment in the game.

It is also now presumed that the next Sims games will be launched as soon as early 2017, even though the initial rumors about the fifth installment placed the released date in 2019. This is due to many players complaining that both The Sims 4 and the subsequent expansion packs were not that impressive. The negative feedback from Sims 4 players is reportedly overwhelming and the logical step for EA would be to stop making expansion packs for Sims 4 and focus instead on Sims 5.

Fans are also talking about an AR (augmented reality) mode for the fifth installments in the Sims series, exactly like we’ve seen in Pokémon Go. This means that we could be seeing Sims on our cameras while walking and then we could switch to seeing Pokémon again.

However, other fans believe that Sims is a primarily computer game and that it would not fare well in an AR mode or, more likely, it will no longer have the same initial appeal. Some proof in this sense is that there is a Sims version for mobiles but it’s very limiting, and the majority of players prefer the PC version.

There is also some speculation that a future Sims 5 should come in a VR (virtual reality) mode because it is becoming a much appreciated way of gaming and the virtual world of the Sims would be perfect for the VR platform. Although fans would like that, they are concerned that the price for a VR version of the Sims will be significantly higher than the current ones.