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The highly anticipated Pokemon Go accessory has finally been launched; the Pokemon Go Plus is a small accessory item which connects to the phone using Bluetooth and allows players to pick-up PokeStops and capture Pokemon without needing to touch their phone.

It’s also been announced that these will only be available in limited quantities and will only be available in select markets; it’s currently unknown if other regions will still receive the device and no exact number has been given for the number of Pokemon Go Plus devices available for purchase. It’s possible that more will be created if the demand is high enough but there is still uncertainty surrounding this.

Niantic also released a small update for the game to fix any issues with the new accessory; the update addressed stability mostly and added some support for players who are connecting the device for the first time.

Pokemon Go Plus is available for both iOS and Android users; anyone interested in the device can purchase it from select retailers, including the official Nintendo store, if it’s available in your country.

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