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Half Life series has a good amount of fans and without any doubts, all of them are currently waiting for the Half Life 3 sequel. Unfortunately, Valve hasn’t confirmed this game yet, but it seems that the fans are still hoping that this title will be released soon, as more and more rumors are starting to surface and this is the main reason why everyone believes that the release of Half Life 3 is getting closer and closer.

In concordance with MobiPicker, some new rumors are suggesting that the Half Life 3 game will feature a Kraken base that was based on the Half Life 2. The same report is suggesting that the Kraken Base will be made at the begging of Half Life storyline. According to Movie News Guide, the Half Life 3 might also come with underwater terrains and submarines.

If rumors will prove to be right, the Half Life 3 game will revolve around the Kraken base. In order to get inside the base, the player will most likely have to use a submarine. Inside the base will be found Doctor Helena Mossman, who is known as a traitor, since she will trick the protagonist and put the research team in danger.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Half Life 3 will not see the light until 2018, as many reports are suggesting that Valve has lots of things to work on this title. There are also rumors which are suggesting that the Half Life 3 will also support Virtual Reality. These rumors have surfaced after several reports claimed that HTC and Valve are working together to create the HTC Vive (a virtual headset).

We remind you that the Half Life 20th anniversary is in 2018 and we are pretty sure that the company aims to release the Half Life 3 game then. As soon as we find more information about this game, we will let you know!