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The latest update for Supercell’s Clash Royale is officially scheduled for launch on the 19th of September and today we are supposed to be getting a sneak peak at said update.

Among the many changes that the update will bring to the game, it’s worth mentioning the card balance measures. Supercell noticed that Rage, Lightning and Mirror were not quite so popular so now, Rage will cost 2 elixir and its effect decreased to 30% and its duration by 2 seconds. Lightning will stun for 0.5 seconds and Mirror will now mirror the cards that are only one level higher that it.

The update will also decrease the Giant’s damage by 5% and the Bomber’s hitpoins by 2% (plus increased damage by 2%). The Log has also suffered some changes and it will knock down all ground troops.

The upcoming update is also confirmed to come with a mute emotes option after many players complained that the winners of the battles would send them taunting emotes. Although Supercell refused to implement this option initially because, as they put it, the emotes were at the heart of the game, it gave in after seeing that players are still complaining about the issue. Now, users will have the option of muting the emotes.

Supposedly another thing that will come with the new update will be more Tournaments after people complained that it’s hard to find them and it’s also unnecessarily hard to win them. As a result, Supercell will introduce more Tournaments and they will be somewhat easier to win than before.  And they are also rumored to be cheaper to get into.

These are exciting changes that will surely please many players and they will get to experience them only three days from now. In the meantime we are eagerly anticipating the sneak peak preview into the upcoming update.