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The next update for Clash Royale is almost here and players are relieved to see that it will contain bug fixes for the various issues that have been plaguing the game lately; in addition to this, Supercell has revealed the latest changes to balancing which will be coming with the update.

Supercell noticed that players rarely used the Mirror, Rage or Lightning spells and these will be receiving a buff yo reduce their cost and duration in hope that players will use them more; the Giant and Bomber troops troop will be nerfed in this update to lower the damage they deal. The Bomber will also have a slight hitpoint reduction.

Players can also expect to see new Legendary and Epic chests being added to the game and it’s been confirmed that these chests will contain legendary and epic cards; Legendary chests will cos 500 gems and Epic chests will cost 10,000 Gold. They are expected to only be available for a short time so players should grab them while they can.