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Members of the Xbox One Preview Program have just received a new update for Xbox beta app and it brings two new features: Looking for Group and Clubs. The announcement was made by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb on his Twitter account, who specified that the two features will be available for both Windows 10 and Android. Later, they will be pushed out for the general public, as well.

Thanks to the new update, gamers will be able to create Clubs (groups) which they will manage and grow, once they will start adding other players. “Club members can chat, set up parties, play games together, and share content with the club across your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and mobile phones through the Xbox app. There will be Clubs for everything. For example, there will be Clubs for gamers who love drifting cars in Forza, or Minecraft players who work together to make scale replicas of Star Wars spaceships, or you can create a Club filled with just your closest friends just to make it easier to game and stay connected on Xbox Live,” has explained Microsoft.

On the other hand, Looking for Group (LFG) is giving gamers the possibility to find other players that can help them complete a weekly quest, unlock an achievement, build a team etc. Xbox users will send “want-ad” like posts to other players in the Xbox Live community, and those who will respond will help them achieve the same goal. “If you’re getting matched with random people, you may have the same skill set but other factors like amount of time to play, play style, even chat preferences may not be aligned – resulting in an activity taking longer, players dropping from the group, or general frustration between members. Xbox team wanted to reduce the time it takes to find the best group of people without having to leave Xbox Live,” has added Microsoft. Looking for Group will be available for all games across Xbox One and Windows 10 and this feature will make it easier for games to find other people who are interested to play with them on Xbox Live.

Unfortunately, currently, Microsoft is experiencing some issues with this update, as mobile devices are not receiving notifications regarding Clubs and they can’t be deleted either.

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