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WhatsApp keeps receiving many updates for Windows Phone and soon enough, the app will introduce an update that might cause some mixed feelings among the users of this OS. Apparently, the latest build released for WhatsApp, the 2.16.204 beta version, enables support for the new emoticons introduced in iOS 10. These emoticons are available now for the iPhone users who switch to the latest version of the OS that was released in the beginning of this week.

As many of you might know (or not), Windows 10 Mobile devices have a new emoticon batch that looks awesome! However, WhatsApp seems not to want to use these ones, but instead they will turn to the ones released for iPhone users. The developers want to focus on a single icon pack available to all platforms.

Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to know that WhatsApp is still taking care of the Windows Phone users, despite the criticism and the decrease of the market share they experienced lately. The company released new versions quite often in the recent time period, even if we’re talking about beta or stable ones, thus constantly bringing updates and new features.

For now, you can only see the new emoticon pack in the beta version, so you can try it on only if you are part of the special program. The public version might get the new update in the upcoming weeks, but for now we don’t know for sure when is that going to happen. WhatsApp still remains one of the most popular chat apps for mobile devices and thank God, Windows Phone users are not left behind like many other app developers did in the past.

For instance, PayPal and Amazon decided to quite Windows Phone versions and to focus more on iOS and Android users, even though eventually Amazon tried to bring some sort of solution with a web app or something.