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Windows Phone users will be enjoying some good news now, since some space is getting freed on their phones. The latest update that will be released for WhatsApp Beta will include the option of storing the backup on the OneDrive, thus leaving you more free space on your phone. Before, you could only store chat logs on the device.

Now you will be able to log your chats online in the OneDrive, which is better for the storage space on the device (especially if you had to use it in a limited way) and it’s also safer in case you lose your phone or accidentally delete data on it. Android and iOS users were enjoying this possibility since long ago, so only the Windows Phone users were left behind.

Thankfully, you can now choose if you want to backup the data stored in the app every month, every week, every day or not at all. Also, you can opt for initiating the process of backup only over Wi-Fi in order to avoid using your data.

If you want to enable the backup option, you will have to go to Settings, Chat and Security and then Backup. For the beta version, this feature is not available for the moment, but soon it’s going to be released to the wide audience of Windows Phone. Even if the market share for Windows Phone users is quite small, it still amounts to a couple millions of users.

And the main reason for this happening is the fact that Windows Phone handsets are generally found at a lower price than the majority of Android phones, thing which has particularly appealed to lots of users from third-world countries. And they kept using the phone despite the fact that Microsoft announced that they will leave the platform for further development only in 2017.