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WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion monthly active users, meaning that it is one of the most popular mobile messaging applications in the world. Today we will talk about a new version that has been released for Android devices and see if it brought any changes.

First of all, you should know that the new WhatsApp version for Android is 2.16.269 and it can be downloaded and installed directly from the Google Play Store. At the same time, the APK (installation) file of the new WhatsApp version comes with a new file that is related to the Video Calling feature. Well, we are sure that you have been waiting for this new feature for quite a while and it seems that this will become reality sometime in the near future.

The WhatsApp 2.16.269 APK file has been increased by 188KB, it has over 550 modified files, most of them related to icons. As we’ve told you above, there is a new file that’s related to the Video Calling feature and this is video_stream_activity.xml.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when exactly the Video Calling will be added to the application, but since we already see a file related to this feature we think that in a few weeks we should see it rolling out.

WhatsApp 2.16.269 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

To download and install the WhatsApp 2.16.269 application directly from the Google Play Store you will firstly need to become a WhatsApp BETA Tester on the official Android store. To do that, open the Google Play Store webpage and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button. After you do this, just open the official Android store, search for WhatsApp 216.269 and install it on your smartphone.

HINT: We remind you that the WhatsApp 2.16.269 is currently in BETA phase, and there are high chances that you will notice errors and bugs while using it.