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It hasn’t been long since the Clash Royale games has been updated and a new one is on the way that is believed to fix one of the most annoying aspects of losing in the game: emotes muting.

The next update is believed to start rolling out on the 20th of September based on some information that has leaked online in China. Also according to a Chinese fan theory related to the upcoming update it appears that the fact that it will supposedly bring more tournaments for the players suggests that it will also increase the number of decks. Not only that, but there’s also a rumor that the Tournament rate will drop from $5 to $1, thus getting more people to join in.

It was also believed that the update would be launched on the 14th of 15th of September but that never happened which was a huge disappointment for players as they have been waiting for that emotes mute feature for quite some time.

The only things that players know for sure about the changes that will come with the new update is the emotes mute option and that it will definitely be launched in September, because this was confirmed recently by Supercell. The mute emotes option has been an issue for quite a while and players have complained repeatedly about how stressing the emotes are when the winner sends one to the loser with the purpose of taunting the latter.

Although Supercell initially refused the mute emotes option because they were at the heart of the game, it came around later after a great deal of people continued to complain about it.

Lastly, there are several tiny rumors that state that the game will bring new content that will include 2600 cup, some changes to the tournament feature that will enable players to win them faster and a new buddy system.