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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games out there. The next major update for this game will be released this month and it is expected to bring some significant changes. Since the developer hasn’t given too many details about this upcoming update, we can only guess what changes it will come with.

It seems that there are reports which are suggesting that Clash of Clans will receive an augmented-reality feature. However, many gaming experts say that the developers will have to create a new game application in order to bring virtual reality to Clash of Clans.

Another feature that the game will most likely receive is the penalty system. According to reports, this new feature will bring changes to the looting and penalty system. However, we’re not very sure if players will want this kind of system in the Clash of Clans game.

According to some rumors, the September Update will bring Gem mining. This means that any player will be able to mine for Gems without having to pay anything for them. This new feature will surely be very welcome for casual players who don’t want to invest money in this game. However, let’s not forget that Supercell makes money by selling this kind of currency, so we think that they will make sure to not give you the possibility to gather too much free Gems.

The last major update that Clash of Clans game has received has brought many new levels of structures and troops, but most of them were accessible only if you had a level 11 Town Hall. It seems that now Supercell wants to bring new levels for both buildings and troops that will be accessible by gamers who have a lower Town Hall level.

What feature you would like to see on the upcoming Clash of Clans September Update?