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Google is improving its browser for Android, and the latest Chrome 54 Beta brings many useful features that will make many mobile users ditch Firefox, Opera or other browsers. Google’s Chrome 54 Beta is now available for download on the Google Play Store and once it will be installed on an Android device, users will be able to listen to music on YouTube in the background and they will check their Facebook updates without pausing the video.

YouTube Android app doesn’t have this functionality and this is why it’s better to listen to music on the mobile web version, because users are able to make occasional switches and they don’t need to pause the video, as the playback automatically stops when switching away from Chrome. The only annoying thing is that when switching back to Chrome, users will need to tap the play button, to start playing music again.

On YouTube, users can fire up playlists and with Chrome, they will play automatically in the background. This is a nice way to relax during a trip by car or train, by plugging earphones into the ear and listening to good music on the internet. However, websites are allowed to disable this functionality in Chrome 54, using an API, but hopefully, they won’t do this.

Another cool feature that users will appreciate is recommended content. When swiping from the bottom of the Chrome homescreen, users will see a list a recent bookmarks and a section called “Articles for you”. Google will select news articles that might interest you, and the recommendations are based on what you’re usually reading on the internet, so if you’re interested in tech, social media, politics, then you’ll be able to check out the latest headlines.

Lastly, there’s a new feature that will allow web developers to make Chrome tabs “talk to each other”. Custom elements is the name of the feature and it gives developers the possibility to create their own custom HTML tags.

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