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With all the hype surrounding Pokemon Go, some of you may have forgotten that there are two more games that will soon be launched by Nintendo named Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. However, there is a great deal for those of you that haven’t forgotten and are extremely eager about getting your hands on them based on the pre-orders made so far.

Here is an overview of news related to the upcoming games: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

To begin with, Nintendo revealed a few teasers in February but said nothing about when the games would actually be launched. There were many rumors regarding the games’ release date but it turns out that the games will be launched in North America on the 18th of November 2016. This means that anybody who has placed a pre-order for the games, will be getting then on that day.

The game is scheduled for launch on the 23rd of November in Europe, but the dates may vary based on the regions.

As to what concerns the Nintendo console for the games, the giant stated that they will be compatible with the 3DS console – whether it is the basic one or the later ones with the add-on elements.

Since we’re talking about two games, some of you may be wondering what their purchasing options are, if you can buy them together or separately, and so on… Well, there are several options in this sense. People will be able to buy both of the games as a dual pack and they are priced at $69.99. Buyers can also opt for a strategy guide pack that is sold at $1115.99 that contains both games and it’s also possible to buy one of the games complete with its strategy guide for $102.99.

So if you are interested in getting the game, you should know that you can pre-order it now, on Gamestop.

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