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Yesterday Mojang released the 0.15.8 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Editions which comes with a few bug fixes and a new pack named Fantasy Texture. This pack will transform your Minecraft environment into a medieval-like world full of magical features that enable Minecrafters to create immense castles with spires and dark dungeons. The new Fantasy Texture pack will certainly give Minecraft a Dungeons and Dragons game feel to it, or more like a Tolkien-esque feel to it, as Mojang put it.

The few fixes that came with the update include fixing the book on the Enchantro skin’s back and the textures for the clock, lily pad and compass that belong to the Plastic and City texture packs.

Mojang presents the creation and work on the new texture pack as furnaces burning late into the night at the Binary Tree that is the home of the game while coding elves are shoveling untampered C++ ore. They continued by saying that the digi-wizards have conjured the update from the shadowy beta realm and that they fixed it into its final form with the help of both heroism or caffeination.

After presenting their labor so poetically, who wouldn’t want to have a go at this new texture pack. If you are thinking about trying out the new texture pack you should know that Mojang encourages players to leave comments, suggestions and to mention any bugs that they might encounter during their gameplay.

At the same time, a new patch was announced for the Minecraft Wii U Edition. It’s called Patch 12 and no one really knows about the new features or fixes that will accompany it because there aren’t any official details about them. This may be due to the patch not bringing anything new major features to the game, just a few fixes.

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