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iOS 10 was launched on September 13, but it had a rough roll out, because users who attempted to install it encountered big problems and they ended up bricking their devices. T-Mobile has found out that the new update causes iPhone 6, 6 Plus and SE to lose connection to the network and this is why it recommends users not to install iOS 10 yet.

Update: Apple has fixed it late yesterday. Starting last night, John Legere has tweeted/posted for customers, and they’ve updated QA with customer guidance. They also started contacting customers who had already updated to iOS 10 to tell them how to fix the issue – basically go to Settings>General>About.

Users connected to other networks have complained that they received error messages and due to a software or hardware fault, they bricked their iPhones and iPads. They downloaded the update via wireless and after installing it, users have noticed that the screen turned black and there was a message prompting them to plug the handsets into a computer.

Users who backed up their phones before installing the update haven’t lost their data and they were able to recover it from iTunes. Meanwhile, the issue has been fixed, as Apple has already released iOS 10.0.1 and users have recovered their iPhones and iPads.

On the other hand, CEO John Legere of T-Mobile has told subscribers to wait a few days, then to jump to iOS 10, because there is an issue that causes devices to lose connection to the carrier’s network. It should take more than 48 hours for Apple to fix the problem, so that owners of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, or SE could finally install the new update. But those who already made the step and now they’re dealing with the disconnection bug are advised to restart their devices every time this issue appears. Soon, the bug will be fixed and will save users from this endless nightmare.

In order to upgrade to iOS 10, users will head to their devices’ Settings > General > Software Update, but they can also download the update via iTunes. Starting from today, iOS 10 will be shipped along with the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.