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This autumn seems to be witness for one of the greatest fights in technological recent history. The latest operating systems are battling for their fans, namely iOS 10 by Apple and Android Nougat, released by Google. Also, the public will receive some new handsets this year, which apparently will not be Nexus phones. It seems that Google decided to kick things up a notch and to release a new phone series called Google Pixel.

This decision is part of the larger tendency showed by Google to get involved more in hardware development. Fans have already seen how much can Google offer with the great Chromebook Pixel and Google Pixel C.

When it comes to UI and notifications, both OS have evolved. Android Nougat now offers some redesigned notifications that are easier to read, with minimalistic borders and smaller fonts. Long story short, they start to resemble the iOS notifications, truth be told.

Meanwhile, iOS 10 offers an improved Photos app. It is based on machine learning in order to identify objects, places or people in your photos and so you can sort them as you wish. However, Google Photo app has been offering this for one year now.

The Music app in iOS was also revamped. It is more simple and it offers a more easy to use interface. Perhaps this will make more people turn to Apple Music streaming service. At the same time, Google Play Music is better because it caters both for streaming and for downloaded songs.

All in all, it seems that iOS 10 offers more improvements and bigger features than Android Nougat, though both operating systems are copying features from each other. This makes them oddly similar, but it guarantees you nothing to lose even if you choose one system or the other.

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