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Google Photos app has been updated and the new version is 2.0, but it wasn’t completely overhauled, as Google is planning to bring more new features. The new changes involve permanent album contents sorting and improvements to the user interface.

Thanks to the new feature, users are able to sort pictures in albums by oldest/newest/recently added, and the ordering will be automatically changed when a new image will be added to the album. It doesn’t matter from which device users log in, as the feature will be available as long as users install the new version of Google Photos on them.

A few months ago, Google has implemented a temporary sorting option, so this feature was built on it. In order to sort pictures, users must open the album and select Edit Album from the overflow menu or tap on the album name and start editing. On the top right will be located a new icon which resembles a pair of arrows that point up and down. Users will click on it and they will see the sorting options.

Also, the user interface has been changed with Google Photos 2.0, as selfies no longer appear in the list of quick search options. Google made this change in order to save space, but users will still find the grouping if they type the term into search. Also, users will see a new icon that will appear when rearranging photos in an album with selected pictures, while the Group similar faces option, which is found in the Settings menu, has a new name: Face grouping. Its functionality hasn’t been changed, but there’s a new description for it, to explain users what it does.

The new features will roll out gradually, so users should receive them in the next days. But there is also the possibility to download the APK from trusted websites, and manually install the new version on Android devices.