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Chromebooks have really proven to be a success lately. It offers a simple and easy to use experience, and the OS is very user-friendly. Think about the fact that you just have to know how to use a browser and you won’t have any issues with using the Chrome OS. Moreover, it is really affordable at $159. Meanwhile, we have the Windows 10 threat that comes up with the Cortana assistant, for instance. With all the ups and downs, one question remains: which OS is better?

Windows 10 represents a real evolution from the Windows 8.1 interface. It is now seamlessly integrated and easy to use. From the Start menu you find the most used programs and installed apps and you can pin tiles with whatever you use more often. On the other hand, Chrome OS has the Start button placed on the bottom left area. If you press it, a pop-up will show you a Google search bar and the list of the recently opened apps.

The Cortana assistant in Windows 10 resembles Google Now a lot. If you click on the Cortana search bar, you will see a window with lots of useful info that is of interest to you (or not), such as the weather, calendar, restaurants and so on. The “Hey Cortana” features lets you use voice command to find out what you need. Similarly, Google offers the option “OK, Google”. You can use this for voice commands and questions as well.

All in all, it seems that Windows 10 offers just a little bit more when it comes to the features included in the OS, though Chrome is not something to be discarded either. Both offer top technology, but Windows 10 comes up with more editing options for photos and videos, more apps, browsers, productivity, games and many, many others.

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