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The new iOS 10 from Apple is turning out to be a very extraordinary operating system. There are more mentions online about its perks rather than bugs or other issues that might need fixing.

Here are 5 less noticeable features of iOS 10 that may help you decide if you want to upgrade to it or not.

  1. Music no longer stops automatically when you open the camera

The new OS enables you to take pictures and to listen to music while you’re doing it. Previously, the music playing would stop automatically whenever users opened the camera mode. However, the music still stops when you want to record a video. Maybe iOS 11 will fix that.

  1. More iMessage features

Apple device users can now request notifications that let them know when the recipient has read their message. It also enables you to search for pictures via an App Store icon found in the conversation window.

  1. Apple Maps helps you avoid toll roads

The Apple Maps feature can now help you identify your car. Siri can detect when you’re driving and marks the place where you stop, thus helping you find it later on. The Maps feature also allows you to set an itinerary that avoids toll roads.

  1. Apple Mail has mre options

Apple Mail on iOS 10 new allows you to unsubscribe faster and to filter your emails by pressing an icon where you can change the setting to Unread, thus viewing only the emails that you haven’t read.

  1. Apple Music discards less used tracks

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Apple Music can now be set to automatically remove the tracks that have not been listened to for quite some time, thus clearing up space on your device. You will also have an automatic download feature that will enable you to find albums faster than usual and download them just as fast.