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Perhaps the most important thing before you switch to a new phone is to back up all your data. With iPhone this thing has become easier than ever, since you can connect to iCloud, sync all the changes you make to the phone, take photos, keep documents and so on. However, not saving the latest changes or not having an iCloud backup at all might result in you spending hours to restore your favorite configuration of the phone and recover everything you had on it.

The advisable thing to do is to press the Last Backup button and make sure that all your data is safe. In order to do that, you have to go to Settings, then select iCloud, scroll down to Backup and select Back Up Now. If you don’t even have it turned up, you should do that as soon as possible!

It is possible that the process might fail, in which case you should check if you have a good Internet connection. Another reason for which this might fail is if you don’t have enough room for storage. In this case, go to iCloud settings, scroll all the way up to the top and tap on Storage. Then select Manage Storage and see what you can take out.

You might need to manually delete incomplete or old backups before you can have a new one. Also, don’t panic if a backup takes 10 or 15 minutes or even more. This is normal, especially if there is a lot of new information that needs to be stored. If you do this regularly, it shouldn’t take you so long.

Though it might seem like a difficult process if you’re not familiar with technology, it’s totally worth it and you’ll realize this when you’ll have a new iPhone with all the things as you knew them.