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Google Maps has started this week to work even harder to keep everybody safe on the road. As it seems, now you can avoid speeding tickets too thanks to the useful Google app. Many people who kept using the app signaled the fact that Maps is now showing speed limits information when it’s set into navigation mode.

At the same time, there were many Reddit users who posted pictures of the new feature. The speed limit sign is a small notification that doesn’t bother you on the lower left corner of the screen. Commuters and not only have long been asking for such a useful feature to be introduced into the app. Meanwhile, you could found notifications regarding speed in the other app developed by Google, Waze, so it was high time for Maps to include it too.

Apparently the car entertainment systems which are powered by Android Auto have also received a similar change. The feature works just like the regular app, but the small icon was moved to the lower right area when in the Android Auto version.

This is in fact a gradual rollout from Google, since not all users have the possibility to see the small notifications yet. In the next week or two, the speed signs should appear to more and more users as the developers add to it or fix some bugs, if any.

However, up until now there is no information as to whether the feature will be limited to any region and on what roads specifically Google has obtained data about the speed limits. Moreover, it is unclear for now if Google has stored data for all of the countries or just on a certain continent. Even so, the app looks really promising and it turns out to be really helpful, according to the feedback offered by those who tested it.

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