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Pokémon Go has been fairly successful since its launch earlier this year, and players can’t wait until new Pokémon are added to the augmented reality game’s lineup.

In particular, so far all the available Pokémon are from the first generation of games (including Eevee’s evolutions, as it can only evolve into Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon in Pokémon Go), and fans are looking forward to seeing Pokémon from generation 2, 3, and beyond.

We know other generations are coming eventually. Back in July, during a Comic-Con panel, Niantic’s CEO John Hanke confirmed that “some others” from other Pokémon generations would be added to Pokémon Go eventually, and that they’d be looking for ways to do so “in the coming months and years.”

That vague timeline doesn’t narrow things down much. While you could be optimistic and say “the coming months” means Pokémon from subsequent generations will be added soon, since he made the statement back in July, you also could look at it from the other angle and say that the “years” comment makes it possible we won’t see anything for quite a long time. It also suggests the addition of new Pokémon will be a slow, gradual process over a long period of time—which at least shows they have a positive outlook for Pokémon Go’s longevity.

However, the most important thing is that Hanke’s comment confirms Pokémon from the later generations will be added to the game, something some players doubted due to the popularity of generation 1 and the game’s success so far.

To date, the Pokémon series has seen 6 generations of Pokémon in their entirety, with Generation 7 due out later this year when Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon launch in November. Each has added a sizeable amount of Pokémon to the series’ roster, and there are currently 760 known Pokémon. Of the original 151 Pokémon, some still are not available in Pokémon Go—in particular, the Legendary Pokémon. They should be added at a later date as well.

Which Pokémon generation are you most looking forward to seeing in Pokémon Go?