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The latest update for the iOS version of WhatsApp is offering some pretty awesome features – voice- activated controls and using Siri to send messages or to make calls.

The new update only works if Apple device users have already upgraded to iOS 10 and enjoy all of the perks that come with the new and improved OS. One of those is that Siri can now be used to control both Apple based apps and third party apps like WhatsApp.

With the new WhatsApp update, people can use Siri to send messages or to place calls, thus eliminating the process of typing messages or searching for contacts. All you have to do is to summon Siri and tell it to call somebody or to message them. It should be something like this: ‘Hey Siri, call Jack Smith on WhatsApp’. When you first do this you will also have to grant iOS access to your WhatsApp account.

Using this feature is a very easy thing to do as Siri will guide you through the process by asking what message you would like to send, to whom you would like to send it and will prompt you to either confirm or discard everything at the end. Some users who have already tested this feature have said that Siri recognized the contact’s names when they were given to it.

At the moment, WhatsApp is the only messaging app that supports Siri integration, but it’s very possible that Facebook will get in on it very soon. Several users have tested Siri on Facebook Messenger and Siri replied that the app is not compatible with it yet.

Other features that have recently been implemented into WhatsApp are the following: reply to voice calls right from the locked screen, widget for accessing recent chats or unread messages and sending messages to multiple chats simultaneously.