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One of the most used messaging apps out there, Viber, has begun to offer free calls to landline and mobile phone for two weeks.

This service is only being offered to Nepali users with national phone numbers and it will enable them to make national or international calls to either a landline phone or a non-Viber mobile phone for free. The service begins at 8.00 pm till 10.00 pm and it will last until the 19th of September and the calls can be made to 52 countries from all over the seven continents.

The offer is focused on Nepal because, as stated by Viber representatives, the country is a key market in South Asia, even though are over 754 million users worldwide and there are several countries with more unique users than Nepal.

Viber representatives continued by saying that the app has a very strong presence in Nepal mostly due to the fact that the majority of the population stays outside for work or school.

According to Anubhav Nayyar – the Viber regional head of South Asia – the Viber Out offer will give them the chance to talk to other people without having to worry about any charges made to the calls.

On a different note, Viber has recently received several updates for the Windows 10 and 10 Mobile versions and they include various fixes, stickers, gif file support, video calling and sharing the smartphone screen with the desktop screen. The most notable feature from the lot is the video calling option which gives it a distinct advantage over other messaging systems that don’t offer it, among which we can name WhatsApp. The gif file support is also an important feature as people seem to enjoy sending them immensely when engaged in a conversation.

These updates have also been implemented into the Android and iOS versions of the app.