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It seems that Twitter will receive a major change to the way tweets work. This has already been confirmed by The Verge and it seems that starting from September 19, 2016, videos, polls, videos, GIF etc. will and quoted tweets will no longer reduce the limit of 140 characters that you currently have.

The extra-room for text will allow the users to be more flexible in composing their messages. We remind you that back in May 2016, Twitter has announced that it will stop counting the extras such as photos, videos, user polls toward the limit, but the company didn’t give an exact date when this will happen.

Unfortunately, a Twitter spokesperson didn’t want to comment when he was contacted by The Verge, but we can say that this change has already been confirmed by two sources who are familiar with the company’s business.

At the same time, another adjustment to the character limit is that the usernames will no longer count when they will be at the beginning of replies, which will offer users additional room for discussions.

It’s not sure yet if all these changes will come simultaneously, but we’re pretty sure that all Twitter fans will be very happy when the changes will go into effect. If rumors will prove to be right, videos, polls, videos, GIF etc. from your Tweets will stop being counted starting from next Monday.

We remind you that the company has considered extending the maximum length of tweets before, but in January 2016 it has decided to keep the 140 limit. As soon as we will find more information about this change, we will let you know!

What are your thoughts about the changes that Twitter will receive in the near future? Do you think that 140 characters are not enough for Tweets?