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There’s great news out there for Sims 4 players as Electronic Arts announced yesterday that there will be a new expansion pack for the game entitled City Living which is scheduled for launch on the 1st of November 2016.

The City Living Expansion Pack is developed by Maxis and it will offer the players a new world to explore. The little Sims can start with an apartment and work their way up to a penthouse. They also have a wide array of city themed carriers now to choose from, the most interesting of them all being Politician, Critic and Social Media. The city comes with four neighborhoods that the Sim can live in or visit and these are the San Myshuno, the Uptown, the Fashion District and the Arts Quarter.

That being said, the city of San Myshuno is complete with landlords and noisy neighbors, but also with new and exotic flavors that you can find at the Spice Market and destinations that are specific to the life in a city. The expansion also offers other, less exhilarating, experiences such as running into cockroaches, blackouts and leaky pipes because living in an apartment in the city will be a completely different experience than living in a house, like the Sims have done up until now.

The Sim can also participate in a wide array of street festivals such as the GeekCon, Romance Festival and the Spice Festival and even go to a karaoke bar and have fun singing.

The expansion pack comes with other metropolitan activities that players will surely enjoy such as playing with a video game console, basketball and mural painting and there will also be new clothes and hairstyles for the Sims.

The City Living Expansion is priced at $39.99 for PC and Mac and it requires the base game to be played.