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A major Pokémon Go update is now rolling out across the world which introduces the buddy system. After you’ll update your Pokémon Go game to the newest version, you will notice that you can now select one of your Pokémon to follow you (your avatar of course) on the map.

What’s the catch? Well, it is quite simple, as when you’ll walk around the city, you will receive a candy and the more you walk, the more candies you get.

However, don’t get too excited, because the developers have decided to put the drop rate of candies very low, which means that you will have to be really lucky to get lots of candies while walking with your Pokémon. It seems that there are reports which claim that some players have walked for one kilometer and received a candy, while others have walked five kilometers to get one.

The new feature that has just been released for Pokémon Go is great, as it will “force” players to go out more and walk for a good amount of kilometers to get some candies. However, since you have to walk a long distance to get a few candies, we’re not sure that this new feature will NOT be a major game changer. So, if you have a hard time catching a Pokémon such as Magikarp and if you want to use candies to evolve it to Gyarados, then you should know that you will need about 400 candies. This means that you will have to walk about 400 km for them and if you are really lucky enough to get one for each km walked.

There are some players who’ve reported that sometime they’ve got two candies instead of just one, but it’s not sure how often this happens as it most likely relies to the RNG (random number generation).