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While Pokémon Go has proven to be a huge success and has taken communities by storm, a few notable features still stand out as missing. In particular, Pokémon Go still lacks trading and true multiplayer battles.

The Pokémon Go development team recently announced new features and closed the announcement by promising that they have “a lot more in the works this fall.”

That, of course, could refer to anything. However, some fans feel there is reason to believe trading could be one of those new features on the way. Data mining the Pokémon Go codes showed a few hints of trading, which is the most valid piece of evidence. It also is a natural fit, since Pokémon trading has been a staple of the series since the very beginning.

What about multiplayer battles? When Pokémon Go was first announced, most fans imagined themselves facing off against one another in Pokémon battles like those features in the main series.

However, while Pokémon Go does have battles, it’s not the sort of player-versus-player battles you might expect. Instead, you assign Pokémon to defend Gyms and attack opposing Gyms by fighting its defender Pokémon. While this has its roots in traditional Pokémon Gym battles, you never actually square off against another trainer.

In fact, there’s been no sign of PVP coming to Pokémon Go at all. Could it be one of the upcoming fall events suggested by the announcement? It’s hard to say. While it feels like another core feature of Pokémon that should be added, some players feel Niantic won’t implement any sort of PVP or multiplayer until they handle the “spoofing” situation—when players fake a location in order to play Pokémon Go without actually visiting new locations.

Then again, it could simply be that Niantic has prioritized other aspects of Pokémon Go over implementing these features.

Trading is likely to come before multiplayer battles, but we can’t say for sure when either feature will come to Pokémon Go. When do you think they’ll be added to the game, and which are you looking forward to more? Let us know in the comments.