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As we’ve discussed in the past, Pokémon Go may be a major hit—reaching the levels of an unprecedented gaming phenomenon, in fact—but there are still many features fans are waiting to see in the game.

Many are hoping for a trading system, either one that would let players trade items with one another or a full Pokémon trading system like that used in the main series. Others are waiting for multiplayer battles and true PVP. Still others don’t have their sights set on any gameplay features in particular, but just want more Pokémon—and legendary Pokémon—to become available.

On the other hand, there are fans who want more teams and even story content, and another group of fans just wants Pokémon Go’s existing content to be tweaked slightly. For example, some players still encounter server issues, which should be worked out, particularly if more multiplayer-intensive activities are to be added later on.

Two features were added to the game recently. In August, they added Pokémon Appraisal, which lets you see a Pokémon’s offensive and defensive stats. Most recently, they announced Pokémon Buddies, which let you set a Pokémon to accompany you and earn Candy by walking.

Meanwhile, they’ve promised exciting new features for the months ahead.

Pokémon Go is the sort of game that will need additional content and features to extend its longevity, especially since it has the potential to be around for a long time. What Pokémon Go features are you still waiting for? Is it one of the common wishes we mentioned, or are you waiting for something different?

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