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As expected, the new iOS 10 from Apple is packing a lot of awesome features and tweaks that would make any iPhone or iPad certainly more efficient. Here are 5 features to look forward to if you’ve decided to upgrade to iOS 10.

  1. Sorting pictures by faces and places

The new Apple OS sorts through your photos automatically and organizes them based on the faces and locations. You can find these categories in the Albums Tab but first you must always assign a name to a face in a picture. You also have the option of narrowing your search down by date, place and person.

  1. Voice mail transcription

The new iOS 10 offers a brilliant feature which is voice mail transcription. This enables you to get a full transcription of a voice mail, because sometimes, when you miss a call you don’t really feel like listening to the entire voice mail message. And reading the transcription is much faster and easier.

  1. Siri is more useful

Now, you can use Siri to control both apps from Apple and third-party apps. Some of those apps include Pinterest, LinkedIn or WhatsApp.

  1. The raise to wake feature

One of the most interesting features of the iOS 10 is the raise to wake feature which works like this: whenever you pick up the phone, the M9 co-processor found in the iPhone 6 and 6S will detect motion and it will turn on the lock screen, thus enabling you to see the time or notifications. If you find this feature to be annoying, you can disable it from Settings >> Display and Brightness >> Raise to wake switch.

  1. Live links in the messages app

Lastly, another really useful feature of the new Apple OS is the fact that the messages app now enables users to preview a link without having to leave the chat window. Basically, you can see a thumbnail with an article title or a full video player if you’ve received a YouTube link