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What’s next for Pokemon Go?

In the San Diego Comic-Con International, game developer Niantic and The Pokemon Company confirmed that the next update of the phenomenal Pokemon Go will come with the second generation of Pokemon. No official word has been made about this yet, but Niantic tells fans to expect a lot more from the game. This clearly points to the addition of Generation 2 Pokemon on the next major update, since the game has nowhere else to go but to expand its current world.

Niantic’s John Hanke, has also revealed new plans for a huge update that will likely include:

  • A new batch of second generation Pokemon characters that will be added to the original 151 monsters in Pokemon Go.
  • A Pokemon breeding feature, which is under discussion. This will definitely make giving birth to new baby Pokemon easier and more fun, should it be included in the game and released in the next update.
  • A customizable Pokestop that will enable players to showcase their creativity. This will allow them to enhance or change a particular Pokestop’s function. This should take care of criticisms about the lack of distinguishable marks of Pokestops.

Among these features, Pokemon Breeding is the most awaited, and one that will make fans ecstatic, if it comes out on the next major update. After all, it is considered an effective way to farm candies that are essential to power up and evolve a Pokemon.

In this function, a Pokemon will be awarded a gender that is randomly generated, with a few exceptions. If you have two adult Pokemon of opposing genders that like each other, you now have an option to breed. There will be a Daycare tab were the two adult Pokemon will be selected for breeding. The new egg will be hatched based on how far you walked and the available slot in your egg collection.

Fans want a pretty straightforward process, and they’re all hoping the actual Pokemon breeding feature will be just as simple. Pokemon Go players also want an option to dump an egg they no longer want and need, if and when Pokemon breeding becomes part of the Generation 2 Pokemon update.

Pokemon Go 2nd generation will have a 2017 release.

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