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Recently, WhatsApp for Android has just received an update introducing voicemail. Now it seems that the developers are ready to bring some other new features to the app. Among these, we can see that we will be able to write and draw on pictures, just like Snapchat offers.

The latest beta version released by WhatsApp brings people some updates to the camera. You will now enjoy extra editing tools after you take a photo using the app camera. These options will pop up after the photo is taken. You will also see a new pencil and a T button on the screen, which will let you draw, scribble or write on the photo you just took. Also, you can use several colors if you go to the color picker.

The feature was first found in Snapchat and Instagram later added it too through their feature called Instagram Stories. You will also get a front-facing flash that first made its appearance in the 2.16.264 build. This brings a white effect on the screen similar to a flash, which helps you take better pictures when in low light conditions. However, keep in mind that all the new features are available only when you are taking a photo with the camera within the app, not your smartphone camera.

Among other updates WhatsApp introduced recently we could find the ability of sending/forwarding messages to several contacts in just one move, for instance. Before that, you could only do that to one person at a time, which was quite annoying to be honest.

However, the most recent changes are only to be found in the beta version, which you can test if you register for the WhatsApp beta testing program and download the version from the store. APK Mirror also offers a signed apk file, though the first option is better since you can get all betas from the developers.