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The latest updates to WhatsApp have brought some pretty awesome features like voice calling and the call back option, but many users have said that it’s just not as good as other messaging systems such as WeChat or Line. The former offers you the option of paying bills, booking a cab or ordering food and this is something that many users would like to see on WhatsApp as well.

The latest upgrade to WhatsApp is related to security and it implies a two-step verification process (it’s not mandatory, but it’s very useful). The feature works like this: users will have to confirm their phone number by entering a six-digit passcode that will be sent to them by WhatsApp via SMS. If users are not interested in that, they can create their own six-digit code. After they enter their phone number on WhatsApp, they will also have to enter that six-digit code.

When users create the passcode, they are advised to also enter their email. The email is needed in order to be verified by WhatsApp and to then create a passcode. If they do not enter their email, it will be impossible for them to recover their passcode if they happen to forget it and without it, they won’t be able to access their WhatsApp account.

If they enter the email from the very beginning, whenever they find themselves unable to remember the passcode, they can just tap the ‘Forgot Passcode’ option and a new code will be generated for them and sent via email.

Other recent but interesting features we’ve seen on WhatsApp is the end-to-end encryption and the drawing tools. The latter option enables users to draw on images before sending them. Lastly, there is also the new feature that enables WhatsApp to share account data with Facebook and users should be warned that they have only 30 days left until they can disable this option.