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Twitter users have noticed a new notification button on which they click to subscribe and be alerted when someone they follow is live-streaming, so they can join the broadcast. The new feature was added to both iOS and Android versions and it also alerts users to new streams from Periscope, or NFL – Twitter’s live streaming partners.

The features was in testing until now, being discovered by BuzzFeed, but immediately after the report of its existence, Twitter has disabled the button and explained that it was “experimenting with different ways to discover live video on Twitter.” Although Twitter has previously refused to comment on the official launch of the Notification button, some users have reported that the feature has gone live and it’s available worldwide. In the end, the company has made the announcement on its account, where it told users to “Turn on notifications to join in when someone you follow shares live video on Twitter.”

Twitter has also explained users that they will see a new button at the top-right of the screen, which is located next to the Follow button on a person’s Profile. If they tap on that button, when the user in question will start live-screaming, the followers will see a dialog box that will let them choose to receive notifications on “All Tweets” or “Only tweets with live video”. If they no longer want to receive notifications, users will select “None.”

And when the followed user goes live, the person who follows him or her will be alerted via a push notification or directly – if the app is open. If the user taps the notification, he/she is directed to the tweet with the live-streaming. Recently, Twitter has announced another partnership with news startup Cheddar and this company will start stream financial news shows in October, from 3 to 4 P.M. ET.

Twitter has its own live streaming service Periscope whose biggest rival is the Facebook Live Video.