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Since WhatsApp launched their desktop version earlier this year, users of the messaging platform have been able to enjoy even more accessibility and convenience when communicating with family and friends. If you are interested in using WhatsApp Desktop, here are a few helpful tips to enjoy your experience of using the app on your PC.

  1. If you want to change your profile picture or status, or if you want to view your profile, just click on your picture at the top of the desktop application.
  1. To start a new chat, click the symbol beside your picture. The small arrow next to that symbol will launch a drop down menu that contains the option to create a new group, archive your chats, open your profile, update your status, customize notification settings, turning sound on and off, accessing blocked contacts, and choosing to show or not show previews.
  1. When you hover your mouse over an individual chat, you will see a small arrow that opens several options, such as ‘mark as unread’, ‘archive’, ‘delete’, or ‘mute’.
  1. For each individual chat, you can activate the feature which shows the last time your friends were online. By double clicking the bar on the top of the chat, you can see your friend’s contact information and get the option to delete the chat. The paperclip symbol on the top right is for attaching media you want to share.
  1. If you want to send an audio message from your desktop, hold the microphone symbol with your mouse to start recording.
  1. Remember to always log out from your WhatsApp desktop app in order to protect your privacy and security, especially if you are using a computer in the office or school.

Now that WhatsApp desktop is available, is it still advisable to use WhatsApp Web on your PCs? Read this earlier article for more information.