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The latest entry on the mid-range smartphones category from Samsung is a device called Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. This has just been released on the market in Vietnam and it is expected to be launched on other Asian markets in the near future. Other countries outside Asia should also receive the phone soon.

Recently, there were some reports showing that India also received the handset and they are retailing it for Rs 18,790 (Indian rupees). Fans in Vietnam are now able to order a Galaxy J7 Prime device and on the official Samsung website in Vietnam you can check out the price. It costs VND 6,290,000 (Vietnamese Dong), which equals $282 (American dollars).

As to its specifications, the new device offers enough to satisfy the average needs of a regular customer and even a little bit more. It sports a 5.5 inches screen that brings Full HD resolution (1080p). Moreover, it is very resistant since the company included Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This doesn’t mean you should bash it against the walls, though.

it seems that the phone will run Samsung’s own System on Chip, called Exynos 7870. The recorded clock speed is 1.6 GHz and it’s going to offer 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage that can be increased with the help of a MicroSD slot (but not more than 256 GB).

The main feature that fascinates fans on the new smartphone is the S Bike Mode, a feature that was also included on the Galaxy J3 model released earlier this year. S Bike Mode has the same function as the answering machines had on old telephones. The difference is the fact that it sends a message if you miss a call, which proves to be really useful when you can’t answer right now.

Sadly, there is no information as to when the new device is going to hit the markets in the US or in Europe, so fans on other continents will have to wait more.