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As we all know, Apple launched the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus a few days ago and many of the rumored features for the handsets turned out to be true. One of those is the removal of the headphone jack and replacing it with a Lightning port.

However, the situation did not apply for the differences between the two models in the lineup (between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus). For example, the 7 Plus was believed to come with more RAM and thus to have a performance advantage over the smaller iPhone 7, but it turned out that while it does have more RAM, there will be no real difference in terms of performance between the two devices.

According to a benchmarking test done for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the latter has more RAM that the former – 3 GB of RAM to be more precise, but Apple presented the two devices as being very similar in terms of performance. The same benchmarking test shows that the iPhone 7 Plus is the fastest iOS device from Apple so far. It has even scored higher than the 12.9 inch iPad Pro which comes with 4 GB of RAM.

Now, whether or not the benchmarking test is real, the fact that the 7 Plus has a clear advantage over the smaller iPhone 7 due to its dual camera and that may convince some people that it’s a better deal to buy it instead of the iPhone 7 because basically, you get the same performance, but with a better camera.

The iPhone 7 Plus also has a higher resolution display than the smaller iPhone 7 and it has to use more power to process and render the photos taken with the camera. The iPhone 7 uses less power to process images made with the single rear camera that it features.