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It is imperative that apps need to be updated to achieve the best performance. Just like other apps, Adobe Flash Player can receive updates automatically if permitted to update when a new version will arrive. However, if you won’t allow automatic updates to any app, you need to do it manually. You can do this when you are on a mobile device or on a PC.

Adobe Systems App

Take note that Adobe Flash Player is a software developed by Adobe Systems and offered for free download. This is commonly used as web browsing plug-in to view content, including the viewing of streaming video and audio.

Improving Security

Updating the Flash Player will improve the security and safety, as well as stability of Web content. If you do this, you will be able to keep the installation current. You can visit the Adobe website to ensure that your version of the Flash Player is up to date.

Installing the Latest App Version

Upon visiting the site, you have to click on the ‘Install now’ button. Take note that the company might give an ‘Optional offer’ for downloading and installing more software when updating your Flash Player. If you don’t want to accept this offering, you can just ignore it, but make sure you have unchecked the checkbox before tapping on the ‘Install now’ button.

Once you click the button named ‘Install now’, you will notice the process of installing will initialize through a status bar. Then, it will download a package to your computer. You will have an option to proceed saving the file or not.

The name or number of the installed package may differ based on the version of the Adobe Flash Player. You can check after the download has finished at the desktop or the download area of your browser. If you double-click on the file, you will be prompted with a security warning to run or not. Simply click the Run button and you will be on your way to install the latest version of the app.