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It’s been quite a while since Supercell decided to bring lots of updates for the mobile strategy game Clash Royale. The game was released last Match and currently it seems to be fading away from people’s preferences, especially after the release of the rival Pokemon GO.

Similarly to Clash of Clans, Supercell has to take some drastic action in order to get gamers back. In this idea, the company announced that they will be bringing something big this September. They let out some information about the possible changes the big update will brings:

  1. Tournaments. If you want to participate in a tournament, you will have to pay $5. Many people are requesting that this amount be lowered or even earn it as you progress in the game. Supercell usually listens to its users, so there is a chance we might see this happening.
  2. Legendary Cards. It will be easier than ever to obtain Legendary Cards and it will also be cheaper to get yourself some of them. Moreover, it will be interesting to see what new Legendary cards Supercell will develop and bring to their players.

Towards the end of August, Supercell has launched a New Balance update that will change the balance in the game. The features that were affected were the damage per radius, the costs, the hit points, the speed and many, many others.

As it seems, you will be able to mute Emotes: Earlier. However, most people are not entertained about the discussion of turning off Emotes. Apparently, any communication between opponents can be muted though you could see that somebody else is trying to communicate with you. Even so, this is a very good idea. And since we’re at it, Supercell has plans of introducing some new emotes, leaving everybody curious about what new expressions they will bring.