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Recently, Supercell gave some new information to the Clash of Clans community. They explained what is their philosophy when it comes to developing new games or updates. Even though you would expect fans to be delighted about getting some insight into the way the team thinks and acts, many people were rather dissatisfied. They claimed it was just some explanation meant to distract them from the update that was supposed to be released in September.

The Internet is full of suggestions as to what the developers should include for Clash of Clans and among all the ideas, four of them seem to be really helpful and progressive.

  1. Auto-Save. Auto-saving a default army organization, for instance, might save you some time when you get into clan wars. Of course, players vary their tactics and army structures, but even so they still go back to a certain pattern every once in a while. Playing the game in a faster and smoother way can become reality if this is included in the September update.
  2. Assign characters or idle workers. This would be really useful in speeding up construction times and it makes total sense not to let your workers remain idle. Besides the time you spend on building something, you can also reduce the total cost.
  3. Allowing dark spells in castles. As you know, you can’t use dark spells when a castle is being attacked. However, if you were able to do so, you would defend it better and the battles will be more interesting for sure.
  4. Reorganization of the troops in queue. Currently you have to delete the first reinforced troop in the queue when another clan mate wants to add a new one. This is quite rigorous and a solution like this would further save time. It would be best to let players hold and drag requests to the queue, for instance.