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WhatsApp is currently one of the most loved messaging apps, if not the most popular one. It is being used by more than 1 billion users all over the world. The app, who is owned by Facebook, it is continuously growing not only when it comes to the user base, but also to the features and what it offers to its users. Compared to the first version when it was released, you can easily say that now it’s easier to use and definitely more fun.

For instance, the most recent additions made by the developers were the Voicemail and Call Back options. Even more, the team is currently said to work on a video calling feature. However, there are also other “secret” tricks and shortcuts not everybody knows.

Tap to Speak, for instance, is a very useful feature that lets you dictate messages instantly. You just have to press the “mic” button and the text will be written for you. However, you have to speak clearly and loudly, especially if you want to use long sentences or complicated words.

Did you know that you can message a friend while being in a WhatsApp call? You just have to tap on the message symbol to open a new chat window, even though you’re in a call. This is easy to use especially if you’re having the call via headphones.

Set shortcuts for some contacts on your home screen. WhatsApp lets you place the contacts you talk to most frequently right on the home screen so that you won’t need to look them up in WhatsApp. Simply long press the contact you want to save on the screen and click on the three dots menu found on the upper right corner. This might save you some time, especially if you talk to many people through this app.