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The WhatsApp application currently has over 1 billion monthly active users. The number is growing quite fast and this is the reason why the developers of this application are continuously working on improving it. It is good to know that a popular application can lose a good amount of users because of a simple error or bug, so in order to make sure that all things go smoothly, this application is being updated almost daily.

The new WhatsApp version that has just been released comes with a feature that allows users to take selfies in the dark. Keep in mind that this new update is available on the WhatsApp BETA version for Android devices. While using this new WhatsApp BETA version, users will notice a front facing flash when taking selfies with WhatsApp’s camera. This works ONLY while in the WhatsApp’s camera, so if you are trying to do the same while using the phone app camera, it will not work.

When taking a selfie via the WhatsApp application, you will notice that a flash-like effect will be seen on the screen. This means that phones that don’t have a flashing light on the front camera, they will use the display panel for this effect.

You will also notice some new editing tools on the WhatsApp BETA version such as a new pencil tool or a text editing tool that allows you to draw on photos that you’ve taken with the app’s camera before sharing them with your friends on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, there is no official news regarding the “Video Calling” feature, but we think that soon enough, the developers will bring it to the application. Rumors say that it will be firstly introduced in iOS, then later, it will make its appearance on Android.

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